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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

hihi!! another last day of the month post...

well, sept is over which means IM FREE!!! no more projs and deadlines!! wooooo, finally everything is settled!! sept jus flew pass man, been kept pretty busy everyday of the month but they're all gone now and its onwards exams which is a month away... shall relax and reward myself abit first den start mugging. wala wala comes to mind immediately and i honestly hope to go once b4 exams begin, that will really get the mood going man!!

moving on, paintball tag last sun and it was zai!! damn fun and exhilarating.... if only the games could have lasted longer, missions ended very quickly ah but it was fun. improvements would be to have longer scenarios but we have limited paintballs, so thats a bane in itself. LETS PLAY THE 250 PAINTBALLS ONE NXT TIME!!! its definitely worth it. honestly, i think the bruises add to the game and makes it much more exciting. chronos being a sitting duck was another plus point. ahahahaha.

well, thats that for now, unless i start going on abt my projs which is really quite tedious and a bore though eye candy does help alot. =)

cheers man!!

shirlyn, im coming soon!!!

SKulLifIed @ 22:29

Monday, August 31, 2009

last day of aug.... all i can say is the month of aug has been crazy and sept will be crazier!! sch work's piling up and hopefully when sept ends, i'll be able to take a breather b4 going crazy again with exam mugging.

this sem feels lethargic, freaking slack feeling but when it gets crazy, its quite a struggle ah.

BUT!! always look on the bright side of life man, good news? projects getting shot down 1 by 1 as we move forward which can only mean brighter days ahead.

this past sat, went to lunar with colin and jaz for some mini Beyond concert. ah paul and sai wing rocks the crowd man, definitely better than the indoor stadium concert. event wise, it sucked balls ah, fucking crowded and had to stand for fucking 2 1/2hrs before they came out. FUCK YOU LUNAR!! cheat money event, had to stand, no crowd management and no entry drinks. but kudos to u for bringing the guys in, cannot fault u for effort.

new EPL season's started too, united not playing really well ah. still blunt, hopefully its jus a phase man, aft drawing level with them last season on domestic titles, we gotta overtake loserpool and make it 20yrs without the title for them!! even blackburn has more EPL titles than them, beat that LOSERS!!

alrite... sch tml and hopefully i can understand wad that bugger harry tan is gonna teach.

cheers kids!!

SKulLifIed @ 22:47

Sunday, July 5, 2009

老友看见我, 也会惊讶
平日杯酒不沾, 今晚总喝不厌
浅灰色烟圈, 浸没了我的脸
宁愿听旧笑话, 安慰可免则免
我努力试探你, 接受我的真心可以吗
我太过爱你, 你会被我吓怕, 不是吗
如今这算甚么, 你是否非他不嫁
当选了是他, 我认输都不可怕
如今这算甚么, 我是否这么讨厌
只知道付出, 以后都不知怎算

老友看见我, 也会惊讶
平日杯酒不沾, 今晚总喝不厌
浅灰色烟圈, 浸没了我的脸
宁愿听旧笑话, 安慰可免则免
我努力试探你, 接受我的真心可以吗
我太过爱你, 你会被我吓怕, 不是吗
如今这算甚么, 你是否非他不嫁
当选了是他, 我认输都不可怕
如今这算甚么, 我是否这么讨厌
只知道付出, 以后都不知怎算

如今这算甚么, 你是否非他不嫁
当选了是他, 我认输都不可怕
如今这算甚么, 我是否这么讨厌
只知道付出, 以后都不知怎算

取消資格 - 陈小春

SKulLifIed @ 01:15

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Prison Break's back on tv man!!! been stuck to the tube every tues to thurs trying to make sense of the huge conspiracy thats going on... understanding abit here and there but its Prison Break so i guess i'll not understand anything until the end man. its hugely great as always and i personally prefer this season to the previous one, much more exciting and twists, who would expect don self to be a fucking bastard sia. nv know wads gonna happen in the series and thats wad makes it so addictive, been trying to stay away from all the spoilers too, which is really hard since everything prison break on the internet contains spoilers. last season for the show, so yeah, gotta enjoy it every min i can although its nice that the producers decide to end it while on a high rather than let it turn into a draggy affair. Fav character has to be Mahone; William Fichtner is a damn zai actor, stellar performance from him all the way since his introduction man. and Sarah Wayne Callies is darn hot, not Megan Fox hot but hot in her own way.

moving on, sch's starting in a week and its like FINALLY!! timetable's getting screwed every other day due to H1N1, so i have no idea whether my schedule's gonna change or not. but heck, it jus feels great to be finally going back to sch and making myself useful. sch's really great man, jus hate exam periods but well, thats life.

sharon's convo coming up too, exciting events all ard with BBQ at her place the same weekend too. cant wait cant wait!!

met up with ismail and the guys recently, that was cool. esp since i havent seen him since like forever, great time catching up and yeah definitely need to meet up more often man.

United finally got rid of ronaldo man. no feelings whatsoever abt him leaving, cos i guess every united fan could see it coming lar. and 80m pounds for a whiner is definitely good business man. why keep someone who's clearly becoming bigger than the team? if rooney left, prob i'l rile cos he plays his heart out for us but ronaldo? to put it mildly, he's jus a mercenary who believes himself to be the greatest. well, at least this din drag on forever like last time and we'll have ample time to source for replacements.

so yeah, hopefully i'll have another great time in sch this time ard and towards the unravelling of the Prison Break mystery!!

SKulLifIed @ 23:04

Sunday, May 24, 2009

hi kids, life's good i hope??

anyhow, exams been over for nearly a month alr and all i can do is pray and hope that the questions i missed dun come back and haunt me....

yep, so its the holidays now and damn im wasting my life away man. the month of may is a freaking quiet one, nothing much going on.... i know i've always wanted a peaceful and quiet life, but i think this is a little too peaceful and quiet for my liking. its kinda ironic, when exams were there i couldnt wait for it to be over and now i cant wait for sch to start again. anybody with temporary jobs pls recommend ya, i could really do with the work and money.

im crazed abt calvin and hobbes again, i dunno why but its started again. all i can say is, that little bastard nv fails to surprise me ah, can come up with all sorts of nonsense. he is like the bratty kid within every adult who wans things their own way, quote bill watterson. i guess that probably true, acting as an outlet where pple can see themselves reflected in him and laugh at his antics while half wishing they could be like him too.

yeps yeps, thats calvin to me, probably i'll talk abt hobbes in the nxt post together with sweet susie. leave u guys with a pic of that kid ya. =)

SKulLifIed @ 21:51

Thursday, April 23, 2009

ALRIGHT!!! My first exam in 3 yrs man!!! feelings? my hand wanna break alr lar!! kaos, really, lack of practice makes one rusty... was struggling to finish my last 2 qns with 20mins to go ah, no joke sia, frantic is the word man. but when the invilgilator said 5mins left, the feeling became screw it lar, alr did my best. ahahaha. so i slowed down, wrote my index number and freaking drink water. =)

anyhow, think too long nv study, so the feeling still takes some getting used to ah. the preparation and mugging. either that or the lazy bones in me has fully grown and i'll jus have to slog my ass thru the nxt 3 sems man. ahahahaha. bo bian....

i believe that education is the best investment..... bah!! yeah rite!! =P

kaes, teck out.... gonna sleep early and have good sleeping habits from now onwards. i hope.


SKulLifIed @ 22:53

Monday, March 2, 2009

hi hi!!! its been awhile ya, sch's started and its jus been a blur since. cant really recollect the happenings here and there. BUT i do know that i have seen The UnXpected more times this year compared to the whole of last year. so YAYS!!! the band's still as zai as ever!! things i rmb are as follows.

had 2e3 gathering in jan. not everybody turned up but at least its half the class!! another one where we can have better attendance hopefully. well, it was cool seeing everybody aft so long. 2e3 is honestly the coolest class ever lar!! all the bad things, u name it, we did it. den malaysia with the guys. nothing much except 8 guys bought 48 slices of cake or 4 whole cakes!! and the cheap seafood!! shall go again soon, with full attendance hopefully.

sch?? well, still trying to get used to studying again. ain't tough jus weird. actually hor, i think i quite suay lar. 2 tests in a week and 1 of it on a bloody sat. WTH, friday lost its meaning lar!! ahahahaha. but the first test confirm get HD and the second? could have been better prepared but think i did alrite. and god, all those writing, my hand still feeling it ah. shall strive to be a better student from now on.

of cos, theres this band i jus jus found out, they're called Avenged Sevenfold. kinda cool, not like those poppy rock bands so common today. its a totally ability based band. forgot where i first heard them, but well, they're good so who cares.

xh turned 21 not so long ago!! spent the nite at where?? if ur guess is wala wala den u are so smart. dunnoe why leh, felt like the band was off form that nite, but still got nice songs here and there lar. they always come up with something great. and now that i've gotten xh and elene there, i bet they are impressed and will wanna go there again!! so YAY!! more wala kakis. anyhow, happy bdae to xh again and hope she liked the present we got her. think she did lar, cos i chose it mah. =D

recently, dunnoe why, im on a My Name is Earl, F.R.I.E.N.D.S and Band of Brothers craze all over again. so anybody who wishes to buy the dvd boxset of the above mentioned for me, im all for it man!!! ahahaha, jokes aside, the following is the theme for Band of Brothers, its damn meaningful ah. read and ponder.

You Never Lived To See
What You Gave To Me
One Shining Dream of Hope and Love
Life and Liberty

With A Host of Brave Unknown Soldiers
For Your Company, You Will Live Forever
Here In Our Memory

In Fields of Sacrifice
Heroes Paid The Price
Young Men Who Died For Old Men's Wars
Gone to Paradise

We Are All One Great Band of Brothers
And One Day, You'll See We Can Live Together
When All The World Is Free

I Wish You'd Lived To See
All You Gave To Me
Your Shining Dream of Hope and Love
Life and Liberty

We are All One Great Band of Brothers
And One Day You'll See - We Can Live Together
When All The World Is Free

shall post again soon i hope....

SKulLifIed @ 22:00